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I am a pediatric physiotherapist and educator. I am a specialist in infant physiotherapy. I help in the form of online consultations and reach out where there is no access to a physiotherapist. I help parents regain peace of mind and confidence in caring for their child.


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I specialize in physiotherapy for infants and children with postural defects.

How is the visit going?

  • At the first visit, I collect a history from the parent and examine the toddler.
  • I make a diagnosis and explain how I can help the child.
  • I teach the parent proper care, i.e. carrying, lifting, changing, etc.
  • I relax, massage and exercise with the baby.
  • I show home exercises to the parent and check the correctness of their execution.
I am committed to educating the parent. At a consultation with me you will learn how to practice with your child.

What sets me apart?

  1. You will not find a package of 10 visits here. My goal is not to guide your child for many months. The goal of my therapies is to release the obstacle that blocks further development (e.g. relaxing tension in the body) to allow the child to develop naturally.
  2. I do not use methods that cause pain, and during visits I make sure that the child does not cry.
  3. I translate difficult medical terms so that parents understand their child's problem and actively participate in therapy.
  4. I give home exercises. Parents spend the most time with their child and if we do not take care of the basics such as: daily care, proper wearing , or lying on your tummy, even the best physiotherapist will need many visits to help your child.
  5. I will suggest games tailored to your child's age and abilities to support his/her development and help build the bond between you.
  6. On you can record exercises during my visits. What's more, I will teach you how to exercise safely with your child so that I can be sure that you will do them correctly.
  7. Thanks to online consultations, I save your time and your child does not feel stressed about going to a new place.

Methods I use

  • Osteopathy in pediatrics and neonatology,
  • Zoga movement in infant therapy,
  • Therapy of infants with feeding disorders ,
  • Three-plane therapy for foot defects in children,
  • Manual therapy for children and infants,
  • PNF in pediatrics,
  • Fascia from an osteopathic perspective ,
  • Kinesiotaping in pediatrics,
  • Neurodevelopmental diagnosis and therapy of children with postural asymmetry,
  • Neurodevelopmental prevention and correction of postural defects in infants,
  • FITS – Functional Individual Therapy for Scoliosis.
Magdalena na tle kropek

Online consultation

During the video call, I gather information and determine how to help the child, as well as select appropriate therapy and exercises for the parent.

I will teach you the correct way to carry and care for your child.

This is not a typical visit where the physiotherapist exercises and you watch. The aim of the online consultation is to teach you exercises so that you, the parent, take responsibility for your child.

One visit is enough for us to choose the right exercises for your child. We set goals and when you achieve them, we schedule your next appointment.

Magda z dzieckiem

How is the online consultation going?

  • Online consultation takes place in the form of a video call.
  • Before the consultation, I ask the parent to send the videos necessary to assess the child.
  • During a video call, you can consult your child's problem, you will receive reliable information, I will show you exercises on a professional instructional doll, I will check the correctness of the exercises, I will send the necessary materials, and during subsequent consultations I will monitor your child's progress.
After the visit, you will receive additional materials and a video to practice with your child at home.
Magdalena na tle kropek

What is the difference between an online consultation and a stationary visit?

  1. During the consultation, I cannot examine and touch the child. Therefore, to assess the tension muscles, body symmetry, or child development, I first teach the parent how to perform a given test and on this basis, we make a diagnosis and determine exercises.
  2. I focus on education and in-depth explanation of the problem. That is why, after my consultations, you become an expert in your child. After the consultation, you know how to exercise with your child and how to assess the progress of physiotherapy.
  3. Online consultation significantly shortens the waiting time for an appointment with a specialist. In an urgent case, you can contact me for an earlier appointment.
  4. You are not left without care. After the consultation, we are in touch and if you have any problems with the exercises, I am here to help.
  5. An online consultation can be as effective as a stationary visit. It all depends on how confident the parent feels while exercising with with your child. In addition, some children often cry and are reluctant to exercise in the office. Then home exercises with a parent may be the only option.
  6. Online consultation may also be good support for a child who is already undergoing in-patient rehabilitation, but you do not receive home recommendations. In such a case, I select exercises to enhance the effect of the therapy.
  7. During online consultations, I help babies who do not have access to rehabilitation because they live abroad or in a place where there is a shortage of infant physiotherapy specialists.
Check if online consultation is for you. You can read the most frequently asked questions here.

Don't believe it? Check out the reviews.

See how parents are successfully practicing after my consultations.
,,Magda is simply wonderful. He treats his little patients very reliably. He will listen and answer all the troubling questions of every lost mother. He has a big heart and even greater knowledge. I heartily recommend it!”
Justyna D.
,,Online consultation full of empathy from Mrs. Magda. Very accurate tips, interesting solutions and ideas for exercises. Less than a week after starting the exercises, my son achieved the goal we were striving for. We highly recommend it!”
Agnieszka S.
,,I recommend Mrs. Magdalena with a clear conscience! A very nice, competent and specific person. She knows what she does, loves her job and helped us a lot in solving problems with our baby. After the consultation, he is still available to help and will respond to every message.”
Agnieszka G.
,,I used the online visit. I didn't expect that such a visit could change so much. Thanks to Mrs. Magda and her approach, it was nice and pleasant, and the problem we were struggling with obviously disappeared We also received many additional materials that are very helpful in the next stages of the child's development!”
Anna P.
I live abroad and encountered problems with access to pediatric physiotherapy for an issue that concerned me. I was told that some children 'are like that.' I opted for an online consultation, which I'm not a fan of under normal circumstances. I got an appointment the very next day. I am very satisfied with the consultation, my doubts were dispelled. Ms. Magda showed all the techniques that were important to me, as well as exercises to improve some shortcomings that we need to work on. I heartily recommend, a lot of information given in an accessible way, and most importantly, specifics. In addition, Ms. Magda offers support in connection with the exercises we received later. 10/10!
Kasia Ś.


Online consultation

200 PLN

  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Quick appointments available
  • Online appointment booking
  • Learning exercises for independent work
  • You will receive a set of exercises for 1 to 3 months
Home visit Warsaw

300 PLN

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Home recommendations
  • Visit at the patient's home
  • No extra charges for travel
  • Subsequent visits arranged according to the patient's individual needs
Stationary visit Połaniec

250 PLN

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Home recommendations
  • Visit at the patient's home or office
  • No extra charges for travel
  • I consult in Połaniec once a month

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